Facebook valuation to reach $100 Billion

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Will that be the new year’s resolution or 2011 fiscal target of Facebook? Most of the people will think so. However, as far as I’ve figured out, Mark Zuckerberg never wanted money to be the first reason for developing “The Facebook”. Even now, when long ago they have dropped the “the”, Facebook still is not primarily a revenue hunger company.


From a recent blog post, that according to the U.S. Stock Exchange SecondMarket private companies calculate the latest transaction records, Facebook’s valuation has reached 500 billion U.S. dollars of its highest value in the late 2010. This surely gives thought that Facebook has no problem at all reaching a $100 Billion mark for the year 2011.

As from the post on telegraph uk, that:

“Mark Zuckerberg’s status on Facebook is about what he is trying to achieve for other people. "I’m trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share," it states.”

The wall street journal blog speculates that is Facebook worth $50 billion? does it worth 25 times last year’s revenue?

Well keeping in mind that the social media company’s valuation since its founding in 2004 have always been in debate. When Facebook refuses a $1 Billion offer from Yahoo Inc. back in 2006, it was the second bid after software giant Microsoft, who wanted to acquire Facebook for about $250 Million. Facebook did the right thing every time, that was “Self-Trust”. A confidence that they had (still have and will continue) that they are not worth of just money, they’re priceless. This makes Facebook grow more and more, not just as a company, but as a social platform, where people connect and share.

Today, we stand at the start of a new year, the year filled with absolute hopes with technologies including touch, mobile and social media; Facebook is making an inception of how world would become more of an open place for people to connect and share.

To me, irrespective of money, Facebook has done a fine job so far. What do you say?

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